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Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a vibrant, healthy lifestyle – and we are committed to helping make that possible.

Our products are the result of expert research and rigorous testing, guaranteeing consistent quality every time. Every bottle is meticulously inspected across each step in its production process to ensure it meets our exacting standards – from formulating with active ingredients proven beneficial for health right through packaging – thus ensuring your satisfaction.

Why choose us?

GMP certified

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, a set of regulations established by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure high-quality standards in food, drug and medical product production. By adhering to these guidelines manufacturers are able to maintain their products' efficacy - ensuring consumers get only the best.

Brand Guarantee

Quality brands of health food use high quality ingredients and the production process is regulated. Consuming branded health food is a guarantee of peace of mind, and customers can be sure that they are getting the best food for their health.

All natural ingredients

We believe that nature provides us with everything we need for a healthy and happy life. Our commitment to nature's finest gifts means that you know when choosing us, your health and happiness will always come first. We only use the purest natural ingredients in our products for maximum nourishment and benefit. Let Nature be a part of your life - with us!

NPN certified

Canada is one of the most stringent countries in the world for nutritional supplements. Nutraceuticals must first pass Health Canada's testing and will be given a license and an eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN) after passing the test. This number lets consumers know that the product has passed Health Canada's approval and review, and is also the identity card for nutraceuticals.

China international import expo

As a valued member of the Canadian goods exhibiting group at China International Import Expo, Canhealth has proudly showcased our superior quality Canadian health care products to Chinese audiences for years. Our dedication to providing excellent customer service and satisfaction have resulted in increasing success over both North American and Chinese markets!

Quality Guarantee

At our company, quality is paramount. We are focused on delivering top-tier products and services that surpass customer expectations each time. Continuously innovating and refining operations, we stay ahead of the competition by always ensuring excellence in every area – from product manufacturing to aftermarket support. Our customers can rest assured they’re consistently receiving only the highest level of quality possible.